Friday, 29 November 2013

Compilation of the Main Issues Surrounding the Faith Healing Debate

Many people have been healed by faith. Unfortunately there are parents who have sat back and limited their faith and God, believing that the Creator, who designed so many different kinds of things, can only heal in one way.

Parents who Think Faith Means Inaction
These parents need to read the word of God again and act as true guardians of the precious lives they've been given. I don't think the way they act is the true spirit of the scripture at all.

What About Atheists and Agnostics?
Atheism is a choice, just like any other. Also, there's no reason why someone cannot be an atheist and yet, hope for a miracle or a miraculous discovery or result from a surgery. No one is bound to fix themselves in a box.

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There are numerous accounts of people who recover from diseases and conditions of varying intensity, even when doctors thought their cases were incurable. Some people may not believe in God or even believe that they can recover from sickness that has put them under mental and financial strain but there is never a good reason to give up on the hope of recovery or stop believing in healing.

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Monday, 18 November 2013

Does Diabetes Scare You?

I was on a site recently that is called Divabetic. The owner works to make information about diabetes available through different, fun means. I thought to myself, sounds like somebody knows how to make diabetes less scary.

I think that for a disease that affects so many people, it's still too scary- for both adults and children. People sometimes don’t want to face the disease when they have it. It involves serious lifestyle changes and that in itself causes people to sometimes examine their mortality.

No one wants to think about the effect that something as simple as having an ice cream and a slice of cake in one sitting can have on their health. No one wants to think about the possibility of going into a coma for something simple. However, I think education is power, knowledge gives people the ability to control their disease.

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Saturday, 9 November 2013


Love and Marriage: SEXUAL MASSAGE TECHNIQUES: Sexual Massage Techniques by Gabrielle Moore A sexual massage is just something I LOVE to receive from my partner. It always relax...

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