Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Sociopaths in a Relationship- Personality Traits of Sociopaths

People who are positive and have enthusiasm that is catching sometimes attract sociopaths into their lives. They like confident people who can provide a stable source of income or other benefits. They have a grandiose sense of self and feel they are entitled to all that another person has.

Personality Traits from SignalPatterns.com

Personality Traits from SignalPatterns.com- Image via Wikipedia

To be fair, I think many of us do think about our weaknesses and try to work on them. Sociopaths don’t do this. Some people are unaware of the traits of sociopaths and are unaware that they are living or working with such persons. If you have been in this type of relationship you can experience recovery from the abuse.

I wouldn't use a man or woman who uses their partner and tries to control them with physical punishment or frequent verbal outbursts as a standard for any kind of appropriate behavior. An individual who has superficial charm and a lack or remorse or guilt when they do wrong sounds like a sociopath to me.

Sociopaths will never learn and never improve because they don't want to. They are not interested in doing so. They just want to move on to the next victim (business partner/spouse. Being able to detect sociopathic behavior can help you decide when to leave a relationship.

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