Monday, 28 January 2013

Chickpeas Recipes for Toddlers

Chickpeas recipes for toddlers can be enjoyed by adults too. I haven't eaten chickpeas in a little while. Now I want to have some. They should be delicious in a casserole, with all the cheese. Kids will also enjoy a chickpeas casserole or chickpeas hummus with sensational smoothies.

White and green chickpeas 
White and Green Chickpeas- Image via Wikipedia

I usually have these legumes in curries and they are good.  Sweet curries are okay for children but if you like your curry hot, it may be too much for a young child. If you are saving money by eating vegetarian or are not vegetarian either but I eat vegetarian fairly often, these can supply essential nutrients.

English: Hummus with chickpeas and parsley עבר...

Chickpeas with Hummus and Parsley- Image via Wikipedia

I don't think too much of anything is good for you. E.g. fried fish tastes nice and gives the body a lot of nutrients but after a while, you can have too much of that too. The nutty flavor of chickpeas is delicious but you can try other vegetarian ingredients too and see if your little one likes them. Here are some ways to cook beans.

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